How to Sell a Home with a POOL or Impressive Backyard!

It's finally Spring time in Texas! But come May, things start to really heat up. That means that the days of driving around with your windows down and leisurely dining on patios at lunch are almost coming to an end. Because, well, HEAT! And when spring begins to leave us...summer usually comes BARGING in! If you're new - say, from California where it's nice 360 of the 356 days per year, then consider this a helpful tip! However, if you're lucky enough to own a home with a pool, then this is a good thing! You say, "Bring on the 90+ degree days!" You're ready for the pool to warm up so you can begin taking advantage of all it's relaxing features!

As a REALTOR in Texas, I LOVE showing homes with pools! I think that pools can often times help sell an otherwise average home. There's nothing like touring a home in the midst of a 100 degree day, after already viewing a few homes where you've worked up a nice little sweat, and then you wander into the backyard to be greeted by the sound of a trickling water feature and Jimmy Buffet on the outdoor speakers. BOOM! The yard just sold the home.

What's ANNOYING though, is when you open up the back door to a GREAT outdoor paradise, but NONE of the features are being highlighted!

So, if you have a home for sale with an impressive backyard, please make SURE you absolutely do the following....otherwise you could be missing out on a potential buyer:

  • Water Features - TURN THEM ON! The sound of a waterfall or trickling water wall is soothing and relaxing.
  • Lighting - TURN THEM ON! If you've got some impressive fiber optic lights, then by all means SHOWCASE THEM!
  • Pool - Make sure it's SPARKLING! Green pools are worse than no pools! Clean them out - leaves, bugs, toys - they don't belong when you're selling.
  • Sound - Have some cool outdoor speakers? Make use of them and choose some quiet, relaxing music that is appropriate for the setting. Key word = appropriate!
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Grills - make sure they're clean, and maybe even set out some cold water bottles or lemonade. Stage it! While outdoors, I still very much consider the backyard a "room"! The MORE SENSES you can touch with your staging, the BETTER! 

Bottom line - if you have it, use it! Turn it on! Show it off! And then you'll GET IT SOLD!